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Its Good To Search For Answers?

I spent a long time trying to come to grips with my doubts, when suddenly I realized I had better come to grips with what I believe. I've since moved from the agony of many questions that I cannot answer, to the reality of answers that I cannot escape, and it's a great relief. - Tom Skinner
Listed here is a catalog of articles I've written, some that I have found that I want to pass on.
Click on the title to read each one.
       Ambassadors of/for Christ                Are You A Thinker?       
       How to Start Church                The KJV Translation       
        Life After Death               Christianity       
       Disagreeable Disagreement                Evolution Conviction       
       Prayer Questions                Life After Death       
       Religion Machine                Prodigal Son       
       Our World Without Churches                The A C L U       
       Seeing Ourselves                Walking Alone       
        What Is Fellowship?                Where Are God's People       
       Women Number 1               Forsaking Assembly       

Yours for Truth and Freedom . . . . Horace

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"A cheerful heart is good medicine"

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