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I have been a Professional Building Designer for over 45 years and have designed as well as built many structures and buildings and you can now view some of them here and you may call me to see if I can be of service in helping you with your next project. More important my lifeís goal now is to continue to build up Godís Family and serve Him with every fiber of my being.

My life has been spent in a continual search for meaning for my very existence and after 40 years of struggling with Churchanity, I finally discovered that individual service toward God and His Son Jesus was where Truth and Freedom were found and peace and unity with all of His family members that are scattered everywhere, was all that God requires of any believer.

When folks ask me, "Horace, what is this "non-label" you wear and talk about being a just a "GENERIC CHRISTIAN", is it just humor or is there some real meaning contained. Well, every honest inquiry, deserves an honest reply. Some have said to be positive in what you believe, and we will listen. There are times that being opposed to something that is wrong and unscriptural is the most effective way to teach the truth, is not only preach the negative, but emphasize the positive also, especially on subjects like these.... I oppose Abortion, I am 100% against it, but yes, I am pro-life.... Gambling, I am 100% against it, but yes, I am pro honest work.... Denominationalism, I am 100% against it, but yes, I am pro Godís family, priesthood, kingdom, temple, sheepfold, body, assembly as well as other metaphors describing, the true EKKLESIA of God, his people called-out of the world into light.

Let me state right up front that I am not a member of any party, group, organization, club, or church for that matter, that I believe my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ would not approve of or be a part of... Period! So stating to the world that I am a generic Christian, simply says to them that I am not a "Hyphenated-child-of-God". Many folks when you ask them what they are Religiously, the usually emphasis is on where they are a member of some church organization. I hold no allegiance to anyone or anything, except my Heavenly Father and His family. I accept
every Child of God as I meet them, where ever they live, where ever they assemble for work and worship with other saints, and I don't let some minor point of disagreement keep me from enjoying full fellowship with them as we serve the same God on this time side of eternity.

When folks ask, Who are those people that serve Jesus Christ as Lord? I enjoy telling them, as positive as I can, about those that I read in the Bible, and they turned the world upside down in a few short years! We who are the servants of God, doing the same thing they did in that first century, can turn the world topsy-turvy again. What did they do and believe then that was so effective, that modern CHURCH Organizations don't do?

Individually they were Christians, saints, sons/daughters, ministers, priests, slaves, disciples, sheep, citizens, stones, body members, etcÖ Furthermore they were trying to be Christians only. Because they were students of the Christ, they were called disciples (Jon.8:31). In the close relationship to one another, they were brethren (Mat.23:8). As an assembly of His people they were referred to by various descriptions. With no earthly ties to human and/or political bodies, they went directly to the throne; singing, praying, studying the Word, worship, partaking in the Lordís supper, exhorting one other in the faith, while meeting daily in each otherís home, and fellowshipping in spiritual matters. That's all God requires, expects and/or approves.

I've labored thoughtfully and carefully, about how to state positively and plainly, just to simply be, a child of God, wearing no label or title at all. There are multitudes all over this world we live in, who are serving God free and independent of any religious organizational ties. Now if you take this response to be.... Horace Hooper doesn't belong to any brand of Church.... You have understood me better than most. By the way, should we do with all the real estate, bank accounts, satellite businesses that are part and parcel of the "Organizations of Religious Diversity" I wish I had an acceptable answer for one and all.... I can teach about being pro and con about many of these subjects.... ABORTION, GAMBLING, ACOHOLISM, DRUGS, HOMOSEXUALITY, DIVISION, and DENOMINATIONALISM, etc.... But, making an impact to turn all of these unscriptural endeavors around, I believe it will only be done by each one of us, openly teaching against sin when we confront it, then and only then, will we start seeing some results. All that we are truly responsible for is to preach the Word, in season out of season, God will give the increase! Letís praise God for His continual growth in our livesÖ!


Yours for Truth and Freedom . . . . Horace

Horace S Hooper  - HSHoop111@sbcglobal.net
104 Old Hickory  -  Joshua, Texas 76058
(817) 293-2383  -  Cell (817) 456-5017
"A cheerful heart is good medicine"

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